Instagram and me are on a break

Friday, October 9, 2015

I never thought I would say this but I am going to give up Instagram for a few months. There it is, I said it, I am committing. I think. 

I have nothing against Instagram. As a matter of fact, I love Instagram. But it has turned into something different for me than it used to be. It used to be a space for me to post artistic, funny, weird and quirky photos simply so that I could look back on them and reminisce on the memories. 

But here's my problem, I have a tendency to post photos that I think will please the people around me. I tend to get caught up in the trends which is normal but I am working on being fully me and embracing who God has made me to be. So while I give up Instagram for a few months, I will use this blog to document my thoughts, adventures, my daily coffee and what I eat for lunch. haha! 

So, this blog will be my space. I will post whatever I want, whenever I want, to simply document the Florence (& Harris) families life. That's it. So here I go. Yayy! 

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