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Friday, February 6, 2015

Ethically and environmentally friendly made clothing is something I am extremely passionate about. I thought I would start to evaluate different companies and post about the ones that treat their employees and the world around them with care. I will only be posting the better organizations in an effort to keep this space positive and protect myself from exploiting companies. If any of you have questions about a particular brand, I am happy to share my thoughts with you privately over email. If I have not done my research on that brand, I will do my best to look for the information.

In America, the mall is a frequent visit for most, and every time I visit the mall there are floods of people coming from all directions. We have created a place where we buy what is cute, cheap, and helpful to us without thinking about where it has come from. And for the most part we are not thinking about the process it took for this product to get into our hands.

As a believer of Christ and as a human being I believe it is my responsibility to know how a product I am purchasing has effected other people and the earth. I believe that just because much of this information is not advertised, does not give me the right to not care. I am attempting to do my part on this earth by informing myself and therefore not supporting slave labor, child labor, water contamination, forest destruction and many of the other side effects that come from the products we purchase.

I am not perfect at this. Sometimes I am in a rush. Sometimes I need something and don't have the time to look into the details. I say this, because even though this is something I am passionate about, I am human. But I am trying my best to stand up for this injustice.

This is something I feel passionate about, among many other things. I know that every person has been gifted with different passions and therefore I do not expect all of my readers to immediately become passionate about this issue. I would like to use this passion of mine to simply inform others. 

I am excited to start these evaluations and I cannot wait to hear your feedback.

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