DIY // Book Marks

Thursday, February 12, 2015

For this Valentines day, I decided to do a fun and simple craft that I will give away. One of my good friends, Marta, gave me this brilliant idea, so we did this together. We had so much fun thinking of new ideas and using beautiful paper. If you would like one of these bookmarks, read at the bottom of the page on how to get one.

Crafty Card Stock Paper
Hole Punch
Scissors or a paper cutter
Any other fun things - We added Paper Doilies and Tape.

1. Cut the paper into the sizes you would like.
2. Punch the holes either one or two at the top.
3. Put the strings through the holes.
4. Add the extras & your done!

If any of you would like a bookmark, I would love to send you a randomly selected one in the mail. My gift to you!! Just leave your address in a comment below or you can email me your address. camabia{at}gmail{dot}com


  1. Hi :) I'm Iwona and I am a blogger and illustrator :) I just found your blog, which is interesting and cute:) I really like it :) I would like to show you my blog and my illustrations and If you get a second, I' d love to hear your thoughts on topic my illustrations and blog:) I greet:)

  2. I want one! ;) haha these are adorable! You're so crafty, I love it! Are there any left?? I've actually, surprisingly, been reading a lot lately. So I'd actually be able to find use out of these adorable book marks. What a cute idea!


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