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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In the end, I always find myself coming back to these two products. Philosophy is one of the sweetest brands I know of. Their scents are so fresh. This one reminds me of a sunny day on vacation when you wake up and the sun is so bright through the window that you cannot help but be happy. All cuddled up in the oversized, white, fluffy comforter that feels so much cozier in the morning. Yes. That is what this smell reminds me of. Pure joy. Am I a little too obsessed with this scent?! Nahh!!! 

Bare minerals is the only face powder that I can use that doesn't dry out my skin. I have extremely dry skin and the winter is the worst for it. But this product never fails to impress me. 

Sometimes I get bold and try a new face powder or a new perfume. I get it in my head that it's time for a change (or time for a cheaper item? haha!). But I am quickly reminded at how silly I was to think I could replace my two favorite products. Sometimes you just have to stick with the best of the best!

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