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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mason and I love to play board games. One of our favorite things to do is find a cute and cozy coffee shop that we have never been to before and play board games for hours. It's just one of those things that lets us spend quality time together. (Anyone else have quality time for their love language?) It's also a cheap date!!! We are also coffee shop snobs. There are many elements that go into a good coffee shop... but that's another blog post. haha!!

A few of our favorite board games are
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Monopoly or Monopoly Deal for two people
  • Dominoes
  • Skipbo (Thanks to Nick & Patricia) 
There are many more, but these are our current favorites. 

Rococo in Kirkland. One of our favorites! 

^^^ Another one of our favorite spots! ^^^

^^ Photo by Patricia // Instagram // @patriciashafto_ ^^


  1. Okay, I am so excited right now.
    1. I am a coffeeshop snob to the EXTREME.
    2. I am taking notes for your cheap, yet fun date ideas. Keep them coming, cause this one is great!
    3. I am so excited I found your blog! You seem like such a gem!
    4. I love that you are going through that cookbook! I'm trying to learn how to cook better too and I love eating healthy as well!
    5. You are your hubs are precious!
    6. I always love finding another Jesus-loving blogger that wants to see him glorified through their blog.
    7. I just had to add one more, cause this is my favorite number. But I'll stop now, cause I've probably rambled enough :)

    1. Jessi,
      Yayy!! I am honored for you to join along on this space of mine!! It is exciting to meet other people in the blogging world who are (1) lovers of Jesus & (2) have so many things in common!! Woot Woot! Thanks for the follow & thanks for rambling. I love it. haha!!


  2. This makes me want to play Monopoly while sipping a caramel latte in a cute little coffee shop right about now, especially with this gloomy weather! Hmm, maybe this weekend? ;)

    Love reading your blog posts sis! Keep 'em comin!


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