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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My sweet sweet husband surprised me with this cookbook for Christmas. I read Nina Plancks book, Real Food over the summer and fell in love with the way that she views food. I had mentioned to Mason that I wanted the book. I even checked every library close to me but no one had it. A few months down the road I had forgotten about it until it was in my stocking. BEST. GIFT. EVER.
So of course being the vissionary that I am, I decided to go through the entire cookbook in one year. There are about 150 recipes which means I will need to be doing three to four recipes a week, and I couldn't be any more excited. 
There are a few reasons why I dedided to do this. First, I love all that this woman stands for. Natural and organic food that comes directly from the source without added... anything. One thing that she says in Real Food is that bacon and butter are not bad for you, in fact they can be good for you if it comes from its natural source and you eat those things in moderation. 

The second reason why I am gong through this book is to simply learn how to cook. I am one year into marriage and I still feel like I don't know what I am doing when it comes to food. I want to learn the basics of cooking. The other day, I learned how to make home-made gravy with my moms help. It was so easy and tasted better than anything store bought. I also want to learn basic things like knowing what flavor I am tasting if a particular flavor sticks out to me. Lastly and most importantly I want to be healthy and I want a healthy family. 
I could not be more exstatic about this cookbook and everything that it stands for. I would love to answer any questions. This is something I am super passionate about. Who knows, maybe someday I will get to meet Nina Planck.

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