Friday, July 10, 2015

I will be starting a new book. Actually, it's more like a devotional work book. My little small group will be doing this book together and I am actually very excited for this one. I am not a reader and I never have been. This is actually a sad fact about me because I do love to read when I put that time aside. I just don't becasue I am a busy person and a very slow reader. 

(Don't tell anyone but I have anything only finished about 5 books in my entire life time // I uaually decide I am done reading the book before the very last chapter... what is wrong with me? Am i avoiding endings?)... Anyways, I wlill hopefuly read this book all the way through. 

This book simply explains the entire story of the bible in an undertandable way. It looks and sounds good, so we will see. I'll let you know ;)

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