my first ever wardrobe capsule

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I am currently working on creating a wardrobe capsule. Have you ever heard of this before? Read more about it here

Basically its a minimalist closet. It is all about cutting down your closet to only the things that you need and actually wear. I like what Caroline says about her wardrobe over at Unfancy-- "it’s not meant to be a miserable experience – it’s meant to be fun! The goal here isn’t to bash shopping + clothes + style. The goal is to try something new if you don’t like your current closet situation."

This whole experience has been refreshing, fun and eye opening.
Refreshing because I don't dread picking out my outfit anymore. I don't have tons of options and therefore it is easy and quick to get dressed. & I look cute.
Fun because I get to create as many outfits as possible with the few beautiful items I have. It's possibly my creative side that finds this so much fun.
Eye opening because I realized how much I owned that I never use. I had no idea how much clothes I had before I started to get rid of them all. I was getting rid of things that I never even used and it just took up space. I am now inspired to go through my entire house to get rid of the things I don't use that just sit there being lonely. Someone else could probably get great use out of those things. 

A wardrobe capsule is supposed to last for a season and when a new season rolls around, items get kept, donated or put away for another season. I entered into this in the middle of a season, (April-June). So this is my trial run for the next month. I will create a real wardrobe capsule for the months of July-September. Right now I have about 50 items. I am hoping to get that down to about 40 for my next season. I am enjoying this trial season. It allows me to have a couple more items than a capsule would normally have. I am slowly getting rid of things, swapping things out, and possibly adding things if I find need be. This is preparing me for the next capsule. 

Here is one of my capsule outfits. I love this dress because you can dress it down or dress it up. Earlier in this day we went out to celebrate this lovely ladies' graduation and I dressed it up with this jacket (which is also in my capsule). Later that night we went to a casual party. I tied a flannel around my waste, ditched the jacket and waa-lahh, it was a fun relaxed outfit! 

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