Vancouver, BC

Friday, March 27, 2015

My wonderful mother in law booked a hotel for us in Vancouver BC for our spring break. We were able to get away and enjoy our time off with each other. Can we do this every day please? Those dang bills!! 

We fell asleep way to early most nights, took way to many selfies and tried to manage exploring a new country. As soon as we crossed the boarder (which was a breeze) we ran into flashing green lights. What the heck does a flashing green light mean?

This trip was so so fun but I found myself wanting to try new things and see the whole city. We ended up staying busy. Next time we go on a vacation, I am going to need to be reminded to stop, breathe and just do nothing. Because that is the best thing for my soul. 

^^^ On our way ^^^




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  1. Looks like so much fun Cambria! :) so glad you got to enjoy some time away!


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